Visit to the 3D printing trade fair “Formnext”

This year’s formnext 3D printing trade fair once again presented an impressive variety of innovative technologies and applications that continue to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing. One highlight was the area of concrete 3D printing, which was in the spotlight due to its growing importance in the construction industry and architecture. Visitors were able to experience live how large-format structures were printed from concrete.

Another exciting discovery was 3D silicone printing, which opened up new horizons for the manufacture of flexible, customized products. From medical applications to individual prostheses and elastic components for industry, exhibitors presented a wide range of examples.

The large-format 3D printing applications also attracted a lot of attention. Manufacturers presented printing systems that make it possible to produce objects in previously unattainable dimensions. These ranged from large-scale art installations to prototypes for the automotive and maritime industries. The increasing scalability of these technologies promises new application possibilities in various industries.

Overall, the trade fair showed how 3D printing is increasingly being established as a key technology for individual production, small series and prototyping and innovative applications in various sectors thanks to the advancing scalability of these technologies. The developments presented at the trade fair illustrated the impressive range of possibilities that 3D printing has in store for the future.

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